Eden Alpert

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Eden Alpert was born in May of 1966 during the Great Baby Scoop era. She was adopted through Vista Del Mar, which was, at the time, an all Jewish Family and Child non-profit service agency.

She was blessed to be chosen by a family who knew they wanted a little Jewish girl.

Many might think it was a perfect life but it wasn’t. Her father is jazz musician Herb Alpert and his then wife Sharon Alpert were not in a good place when she arrived. The same year, Herb’s career exploded and he concurrently realized he was not happy. By the time Eden was three, her parents were divorced.

Eden’s mom became a raging alcoholic/drug addict and her dad was always on the road. 

This led to growing up way too fast and as a child, always feeling unwanted.

It’s complicated feeling loved and not wanted at the same time.

It’s complicated being adopted and having a brother who wasn’t.

It’s complicated because so much was beautiful and so much wasn’t beautiful.

Eden can tell you that the beautiful thing was that she did make a choice to work on herself, love herself and know that she was loved.

At 25 she began to search for her birth mother. Reunion happened in three weeks and her birth mother was only miles from where she grew up.

Eden and her birth mother, Gail, met and that was complicated. She felt guilty for looking for her roots even though her parents said it was ok…and then she felt guilty for only wanting to meet Gail for her own personal reasons. The meeting left her confused because her expectations were so high. Gail is a kind person who was more than thrilled to have Eden in her life, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. She is grateful to Gail for life although the relationship has had its issues and is still being written. 

Eden feels she has more anger toward her adopted mother who could never convey her love for Eden even though she knows she did.

On the other hand, she has a great relationship with her dad. Herb has been a loving dad and incredible mentor throughout her life.

They currently are business partners in a jazz music venue in Los Angeles.

Eden credits doing the tough work on herself to feel loved, loving, and lovable.