Nicole Rademacher

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Nicole “Nic” Rademacher is a transcultural (Caucasian American/Mexican) adoptee, artist, and art therapist. She was adopted into the Rademacher family at 2 months and 13 days. When she was 25, she started the search for her biological family. Just 2 months later (and after she turned 26), she found out that her birth parents had married 2 years after she was born and she has 2 full younger brothers. After some processing, she traveled to Tucson, AZ to meet them––her youngest brother was only 15 at the time. That was in 2004. Since then they have been doing the hard work to forge relationships––it hasn’t always been easy. Her adoption and reunion feature prominently in her practice as a socially-engaged artist. She is very open about her story and loves to connect with other adoptees, especially contemporary artists and those with roots in Latin America. @nicrrad #innocentpeople #adoptee #adopteestories #adoptionreunion #forneyfarms #innocentpeople